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Advantages Of Using 1031 Exchange 1031 exchange service is of great benefit to the real estate players. It presents to them huge tax benefits. There are many people who are ignorant about this program that is provided by IRS. Under the law, one can sell their real estate property and purchase another one without immediately paying the capital gains tax. The law requires one to submit tax for any gains made by selling real property. The program is not supposed to be a tax avoidance mechanism. In case you sell your property and fail to replace it with the same type of property, you will be liable for capital gains tax. The terms set out by IRS on 1031 exchange should be carefully observed. You cannot sell your residential property and expect to benefit from this service. 1031 exchange is meant for business property only.
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The the property you replace with must not be the exact property you have sold, but it should have semblance in use and scope.
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1031 the exchange gives you time to locate a replacement and make the necessary adjustments before you close the deal. The money you generate from the sale of a property is held by a legally authorized intermediary which will buy a new property of your choice when you have consented. You must identify a replacement within 45 days to be a beneficiary of this program. Failure to meet this deadline of 180 days to replace your investment after the sale, otherwise your gains taxable by IRS. There are numerous companies dealing with 1031 exchange. Most of these customers are convenient as they use online platform to deal with their clients. You should get engage an accredited company. Ensure you have the right contract documents which you will submit to the exchange firm. The exchange company will then make ready the relevant documents and then forward them to a lawyer. The company that you engage should be time conscious and be committed to quality. Before selling your property, it is advisable to get a legal opinion from an attorney who understands 1031 exchange. The service can relieve you a lot of tax burden when selling an investment. The acquisition of new property is assumed to be the continuation of the one that has been sold. You should not enter into an exchange contract with someone who is not licensed by state authorities. You must ensure that they have complied with all the requirements of the law before engaging them. Visit their websites and look at their ratings. Good ratings are a testimony that the company is efficient in its customer service. The the account which you open should have instructions that restrict the company from withdrawing money before your authorization.