Ceiling Fans Offer Practical Benefits and Visual Interest To a Room

For decades ceiling fans have held an aura of romance and mystery about them even as they helped lower the apparent temperature in a room before air conditioning became prevalent. Today, these types of fans are chosen by homeowners for their cooling capabilities, their appearance and their money-saving benefits. While ceiling fans won’t cool a hot room as efficiently as air conditioning can, they’ll definitely help it feel cooler as the air circulates. They also help rid the air of moisture. Using ceiling fans for cooling rather than air conditioning also saves money. It’s a smart decision to install a ceiling fan in a kitchen or dining room, a bedroom, bathroom or living room, or on a porch or deck.

When choosing a ceiling fan a homeowner needs to take several factors into consideration. The size of the room is the most important factor. Fans that are too small for the room they’re place in are inefficient, while fans that are too large visually overpower the room, making them seem even smaller. The edges of the fan’s blades should ideally be at least 24 inches from any walls, windows or curtains. Fans installed outdoors or in a bathroom need to be properly rated to handle the moisture in the air. Bathroom fans are usually rated ‘damp’ while outdoor fans should be rated ‘wet’ because their motors and other electrical components have to stand up to rain. A fan that isn’t properly rated will quickly short out under moist conditions.

A Casablanca fan stands up to the demands put on it, whether that’s as a decorative cooling fan in a living area or a practical and efficient fan used to clear moisture from a bathroom. The company has manufactured these fans for nearly 50 years and has built a reputation as a high-end supplier of ceiling fans. Casablanca fans come with a lifetime warranty for the motor of every fan manufactured and a one-year warranty for their electronics and other parts. Once a fan is installed, the company provides a 120-day repair service guarantee, which is done in the home. After that period, Casablanca will pay for a homeowner to send the fan to a service center for repair. Casablanca’s warranty and service are among the best in the business, making these ceiling fans an excellent purchase.