How To Cool A Construction Site

Constructing buildings or making repairs is a tough enough task as it is, but when you take into account the sheer heat, along with the heavy equipment and bulky hardhat, it only makes it tougher for your workers. When construction workers are overheated, sweating, and uncomfortable, their productivity goes down. This stresses the importance of keeping your construction site a cool and well ventilated environment. With these tips from MovinCool, you’ll be able to keep workers cool all day long.

When constructing a building, the heat accumulates quickly. The warmth radiating from the tools, the sheer number of workers moving around, and especially the hot sun beating down on the building are all enough to drive up the temperature ridiculously high. One simple way to combat this is to obtain a rental portable air conditioner. This small temporary investment keeps your construction site comfortable and your workers stay efficient.

There are times when the building may still be in its early stages. If the construction is still a frame, more or less, heat may not be as big of an issue, unless the sun is directly on your workers, or if it’s an extremely hot day. In these cases, it’s advised to block as much of the sun as you can, possibly with tarps, work site permitting. Another method of keeping cool would be to make sure your work site is well ventilated. Keep the door frames and windows open and allow cross circulation of air. Good air flow is generally a reliable way to stay cool, even if the air itself is quite hot.