Thinking About Home Improvement?

Dear friends, if you are planning to improve/renovate or
refurnish your home then this article can be a very
useful guide and save your lot of time.

When it comes to home improvement, most people think that
it’s has to do with painting the house from inside out
and forget about it.

But any architectural structure is much more than just walls
and ceiling. There are many systems working simultaneously
which keep the building under function.

Let’s have a look at these systems one by one.

1) Structural System:

This includes the support system of the entire building, namely
foundation, columns, beams, slabs(in R.C.C structure).
The most commonly used structural systems is R.C.C. Other types
include steel and wood.

While renovating a building special attention must be given to
the structural support system. Slabs should be checked to be
leak proof. Columns and beams which are exposed to external
atmosphere must be checked for damage. R.C.C structural members
are always covered with plaster. This plaster must be without

In case of steel structures, anti-rust treatment must be applied
wherever necessary.

In case of wooden structure anti-termite treatment must be applied
wherever necessary.

2) Plumbing System:

All pipelines which carry water in and out of the structure must
be checked for leakage. The main are of possible leakage is
at the joints, hence must be carefully treated.

Water taps at the washbasins, inside bathrooms, kitchen sinks,
toilet blocks, should be checked for good and smooth operating

3)Drainage System:

Drainage from kitchen, bathrooms, toilets should have an unobstructed
and shortest path to outside chambers. Any clogging of these lines
can cause overflowing of the chambers, hence should be checked
and cleaned.

4)Electrical Systems:

This starts with the main supply of the electricity from the
local authorities. The point of entering the main supply should be
checked for any excessive disturbance in voltage levels, which
might cause damage to electrical appliances inside.

All switch boards and switches in respective rooms should be checked
for proper and safe functioning. Security systems such as
earthing and M.C.B’s should be checked for safe functioning.

5) Doors and Windows

These form an important part of any structure as far as safety
is concerned. Proper functioning of the doors and window
shutters is necessary. If your home has a security alarm system
installed, then it must be kept updated and in proper working condition.

Door and window shutter hinges should be applied with lubricants
for smooth operations. I case of sliding doors and windows, tracks
which allow sliding should be dust free.

6) Glass Panes

All glass panes used on windows and doors should be dust free.
Any broken or cracked glass panes should be replaced immediately.

If the building has a skylight, then it should be checked to be
leak proof and clean, to allow clear and unobstructed sunlight in
the interiors.

7) Flooring Materials

In most cases tiles are used for flooring. All tiles should be
checked for cracks and most importantly leveling.

In every home flooring has a natural slope to avoid clogging
of water if any such situation arises. Tiled flooring
must be checked at joints. Any cracks in joins must be
checked with proper bonding material.

In case of wooden flooring, extra care must be taken to keep
the flooring termite-free.

8) Wall Plaster and Wall Paint.

All external walls must be checked from outside for a proper
layer of plaster. Plaster prevents the rainwater to seep inside
the structure. If external plaster gets damaged, rain water
seeps inside causing dampening of walls.

All internal walls must be checked for scraping of paint.

8) Furniture and Carpentry Items.

All furniture items must be termite free and sturdy at the
joints. A coat of good quality wooden polish can add life
to the furniture pieces.

Other carpentry work includes door and window shutters, door
and window frames.

9) Other Accessories.

This includes small thing which matter a lot, such as all the
locking arrangement at doors, windows, towel rods in the
bathroom/wash basins, arrangement to dry washed clothes,
storage arrangements in kitchen/bathroom.

10)External Systems

This can include a solar water heater, electric pumps to push
the water from underground water tank to Overhead water tank.,
Cable TV antennas.

All these systems must be checked for proper functioning.

From the above discussion it is clear that proper functioning
of any architectural structure is dependent of many complex
systems which work simultaneously.

Hence all these must be given attention and respect. Any building
is just like a human body, with movable and stationary parts.
If dealt with proper care can give a very healthy living experience
for years to come.